Game Jam Projects


This relaxing game is a zen garden simulator, where you can draw and smooth tracks in the sand with a rake and place stones.

Here my tasks were level design, art and VFX.

Sticker Clicker

Sticker Clicker is a hidden object game with 150 different stickers.

I took care of the visual effects.

Link to the project:

Your Jetpack is a Resource

In this 3D platformer, the character can reach different level areas with the help of a jetpack. But be careful, the jetpack is a resource that must be used strategically.

My task was the level design and particle effects.

Link to the project:

Trümmerfrauen – Women of Debris

A co-op game for two players where you can experience what it feels like to repair and rebuild your home after a long war. In remembrance of the many women (“Trümmerfrauen”) which helped rebuild the country for their children, families and future generations.

My main responsibilities were visual effects, level design, and content integration.

Link to the project:

Reverse Slender

In Reverse Slender, one plays a spirit that tries to scare the AI by building up in front of it in the form of a monster. For the game, we worked with Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline and various preview packages (including the VFX graph).

My main task was to create the visual effects.


Shields is a cooperative twin-stick shooter based on mutual trust, based on mutual trust, since only the partner’s shield does not rotate its own and can be used against the opponents.

In this project, I programmed both the opponent AI and part of the game logic as well as created the particle systems.

Link to the project:

Time Travels

Time Travels is a universe-based experience game (both for PC and VR) on the theme of time travel, in which the gamers take on the role of time that only progresses when the camera is moved. As a time, the GameDs must trigger explosions and the extinction of stars and planets until at the end of the universe there is only one large black hole left that devours all matter.

In this game I mainly took care of the programming, but also created a particle effect (see picture).

Link to PC version:

Among Silhouettes

Among Silhouettes is a fully black-and-white cooperative puzzle game for 2 people sharing a keyboard. It was created as part of the Global Game Jam 2019.

My main task was to level and game design as well as to create my own suitable music.

Link to the project:

52 Hertz

The Experience Game 52 Hertz is about the loneliest whale in the world, communicating at a different frequency than the other whales, so he can never get an answer from them. The game wants to convey the feeling of being completely isolated.
The game was created in autumn 2018 on a game jam on the theme “Niklas Luhmann – Communication is unlikely”.

In this game I took care of the programming of the particles (also the fish swarms are particle systems) and the underwater lighting as well as the pacing of the level, game design and the user experience design.


In the game Chenille, the game ends must bring a caterpillar to the finish as soon as possible; the highlight is that they have to control the front and back from each other separately, which makes the process a challenge.

At Chenille, my job was level design and VFX creation as well as programming a suitable camera tracking of the caterpillar.

Link to the project:

Patient Zero

In the local multiplayer game Patient Zero, the two players must try to turn the opposing faction into members of their own faction by spreading their own virus. The challenge is that the game ends control only one of the many identical-looking figures and have to find them in the crowd first. The game was created at Global Game Jam 2018.

My main area of responsibility was game design and programming part of the game.

Link to the project:

Heroes Quest

In Heroes Quest, the typical story of a hero who frees the captured princess from the clutches of an evil dragon is humorously broken ironically: in this game, it is possible not only to catch the hero, but also the captured princess or the dragon. and experience their perspective on history.

In Heroes Quest, I took care of the narration and programming of the princess scene.

Almost Mirror’s Edge (Demake)

The game Almost (But Not Quite) Mirror’s Edge was created at a Game Jam on the theme of Demake.

My team chose Mirror’s Edge as a template for a demake. The original 3D game was implemented by us in 2D pixel art. The following features were taken from the original: the bluish-white color palette, the red coloring of parkour elements and the decision to eliminate opponents or simply bypass them by fast racing and perfect timing of the stunts. The game consists of a level that needs to be traversed as quickly as possible, as the high score list waits at the end.

In this game I took care of the character art and sprite animation.

Something – Accessible

Something – Barrier-free is a VR game created on a local game jam with the theme barrier-free. In the game, gamers can gradually unlock their different senses, so they are increasingly laying down all the barriers until they are completely free at the end and can fly into the sky. The game was developed with HTC Vive, and is also controlled by speech recognition in addition to the Vive controllers.

In this game I took care of the 2D and 3D art as well as parts of the programming.

Lucid Echo

Lucid Echo is a virtual reality experience (implemented with the Oculus Rift) in which you have to find your way through the darkness, equipped with a sonar. The VR game was created at Global Game Jam 2017.

In this game I took care of the 3D style.

Link to the project:

Fairytale Generator 

Fairytale Generator is a 2D Hidden Object game in which game-diners can choose which of the many fairy-tale characters to play (hero, villain, victim) and accordingly has the opportunity to turn a generic story into something new.

In this game I was mainly responsible for the 2D art.

Embodied Knowledge

Embodied Knowledge is a cooperative first-person game in which one player controls the protagonist’s head and the other controls the protagonist’s body. It was created as part of the 2016 Global Game Jam.

At Embodied Knowledge, my job was 3D art.

Link to the project:

The Ball

The Ball is a ball track simulator whose performative highlight is the control via an experimental interface. Two ultrasonic sensors and Arduinos can be used to measure the distance between the hands and transfer the values to the Unity Game Engine. By changing the distance between hands and sensors, an input is generated through which player A can influence the speed and player B the direction of the ball. Both players must work together and coordinate their movements to bring the ball successfully and without crashing to the end of the course. The game was created as part of a game jam at the University of Bayreuth.

In this experimental game I worked with my team with the Arduinos and also took care of the 3D style.

Robocalypse Now 

Robocalypse Now is a Jump ‘n’ Run Sidescroller whose special feature is that the character has a companion to the side that is also his check point. He can only supply the character with energy as long as he accompanies it. The game was created as part of a warm-up game jam at the University of Bayreuth.

In this game I was responsible for a large part of the 2D art.

Link to the project:

The Adventures of Benjamin Bighat and his Companion Colonel Thunderbelly

The Adventures of Benjamin Bighat and his Companion Colonel Thunderbelly is a maze game with puzzle elements created as part of the 2015 Global Game Jam.

My main task was the level design but I also helped with the 2D art.

Link to the project:


Pedometer is a small game app for Android where the player has to crush ever stronger opponents. The app was created as part of the Games4Health Game Jam 2015.

I programmed the app together with Ilona Treml, it was the first game we programmed ourselves.

Paper Apes

Paper Apes is a cooperative Jump ‘n’ Run game that includes some puzzle elements and plays with the colors black and white. The color of the small figure is always congruent with the background, which is why the large figure is needed to see the little one. The game was created as part of the 2014 Global Game Jam.

My job at Paper Apes was on the one hand in game and level design and on the other hand in 2D Art.

Link to the Project:

Dick & Moes

Dick & Moes is a multiplayer game for 2-4 controllers inspired by Towerfall: Ascension. It was created as part of a private game jam at the University of Bayreuth.

For the game I painted a part of the 2D art.

Don’t Rage

In Don’t rage, the player must try to keep the falling assets as long as possible and dodge the white-hot assets to keep the Rage level low. The game was created as part of a private game jam at the University of Bayreuth.

In this game I created a part of the 2D art.