Level Design Documentation

This documentary is about a fictional mission for the mobile game Emergency HQ. The document contains not only a static and dynamic map of the level, but also all the necessary information about the process of the mission, a schedule of the procedure and detailed concepts for art assets.

Level Experience Design

For this project I designed and implemented a concept for the Game Experince during the level transition in a fictional 2D Lord of the Rings game. In the Unity implementation, you can set parameters such as animation and sound intensity, the number of particles, or the strength of screenshakes to see the effect on the game feel immediately.

Level Lighting

For this project, I designed and built a level in the Unreal Engine using the Paragon Asset Package and illuminated it in two different lighting moods.

Light mood 1

Light mood 2

Level Sketches

Below are sketches for levels that show different aspects such as appearance, mechanics, and resource distribution in my level design workflow.

Top-down view of a linear level of a 3D penguin shooter that served as an inspiration for Peng-Win.
Side view to a level of a 2D puzzle platform game – first considerations that flowed into my work on Passing By.
Top-down view on a level section of an Uncharted-style 3D action adventure, with enemy and resource distribution
Axonometric view to the same level section to prepare for implementation as a 3D grayboxing design.