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Mind Twist Memo

Mind Twist Memo is what you expect of memory but with a twist! Every time you reveal two cards they swap positions and cards will only be taken off the table once they are directly adjacent to each other.

Mind Twist Memo was published to the Playstore on 27.05.2020.

I took care of the VFX.

The following effect which was part of the prototype couldn’t make it into the final mobile version because of the use of pointcaches:


Reblob ( is an abstract mobile game centered on puzzles. It comprises a total of 65 levels.

Reblob was released on 16.12.2018 to the Playstore, making it the first published game I’ve been working on.

My main area of responsibility was the level and puzzle design. In addition, I took care of the tutorial and the VFX.

For more information see: