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Lazy Heist

Lazy Heist is a cooperative board game for 4 people. The players take on the role of four burglars, whose aim is to gain access to the safe room of a well-secured bank and then reach the helicopter on the roof of the high-rise with the ruby stolen there before taking off.

Since the burglars are neither in a specially trained state nor have their coup prepared in any way, the planned robbery develops into a sweat-inducing act of strength. Players have their hands full and must also be careful not to be seen by the flying drones or the patrol guards.

Together with Ilona Treml and Marius Mühleck, I developed Lazy Heist on a board game game jam within 48 hours.

The exact rules and documents relevant for the game can be found here:

Gold Rush – Scrap the Earth! –

The clock is ticking! It is only a matter of time before climate change can no longer be stopped thanks to the exploitation of the world by large industrialists.
Players must send their representatives to different continents to dismantle
the valuable gold nuggets and become the richest industrialist in the world; and all this before time runs out and the world goes down.

I developed the board game together with Ilona Treml as part of a game design seminar based on game theory and especially the prisoner dilemma.

A more detailed game guide can be found here: